A No Nonsense Guide To 0% Percent Purchase Credit Cards

What are 0 purchase credit cards anyway? For sure, they’re nothing like your grandparents’ version. The truth is, these highly convenient financial instruments do so much more.

The Shape of Cards to Come

With card holders becoming more sophisticated over the years, the providers of all these credit building credit cards had to evolve with the times. So what’s up next? Nobody knows for sure.

Surely, with the most popular credit cards around, nothing is cast in stone. Things can change at the drop of a hat. Especially since we live in these uncertain financial times where even the most conventional stocks are kind of wobbly at best.

One thing’s for sure, though, the 0 purchases credit cards are here to stay. And that’s because first of all, they offer so much more. Oh, how much times have changed.

On the Sweet Lure of Plastics

These days, most everything is skewed towards the customer’s side. So it’s safe to say that the vast majority of plastics roughly fall under the purview of consumer needs and wants, rather than, say, the provider advantage. The situation is definitely going along the lines of what property seekers lovingly refer to as a buyer’s market.

This is close enough to the underlying comparison between the bear and the bull markets. There’s definitely a bull run going on in regards to balance transfer credit cards especially in countries like Canada or the United States where in keeping with the times, the zero-interest craze has begun to trounce the competition. With the average consumer’s high indebtedness hanging like the sword of Damocles one household at a time–change is in the air.

Plastic Magic

Not even the passing of the new year can blur the vision that most plastic owners have for themselves. Just as millennials are minding carbon footprints and global warming altogether, most young people these days are learning to sit down and examine their finances with a fine tooth comb.

Good Fiscal Sense Equals More Love for Rewards

With the Brexit scare still looming over the horizon and a more uncooperative United States becoming the norm rather than the rule, consumers around the globe are fast waking up to the reality that things won’t be as easy as they used to be. And it’s precisely this kind of stimulus that redounds to the common good.

Becoming more careful is definitely a welcome thing, and this is why we can only expect customer-friendly cards to become more popular with the passage of time. Definitely, interest-laden plastics are on the way out. Especially for millennials and the younger generations, it just doesn’t make sense to work with interest-building credit.

Pushed to the extreme and on the assumption that market, security and financial uncertainties will persist till kingdom come, here’s how the future looks like for the cards: Interests are out and rewards credit cards are in. This forecast also means that points or anything of value to consumers is the wave of the future.

The New New Wave

A long time ago, in a financial scenario that seems far, far away, lower interest rates were the holy grail of cashback credit cards. Not anymore. Now zero is the new 10‚ÄČ%.

The new wave has ceased to be more than just a music trend. It’s now the new financial reality, and adjust to it, most providers are doing. For when they don’t, they’re simply not dancing to the beat of the times.

Credit Card Holders Beware

Thus, to be out of tune is equivalent to going belly up in the financial scheme of things. For the big three to survive, whoever offers the best rewards packages–wins the game. It’s no longer a Visa, MasterCard or American Express game.

The Shape of New Plastic to Come

The bank offering 0 purchase credit cards and sticks to its guns by offering the most cashback options along with other rewards–will spell the end game for those entities that are doing the exact opposite. Still, consumers would do well to continue to tighten their purse strings and always remain discriminating in regards to all those unscrupulous card players out there. Surely, there’s nothing like the consumers’ collective action to buck a counter-trend.

Some Polarizing Effects in the Online World

PayPal, Bitcoins and other payment alternatives are threatening to dislodge the card option. One can almost smell the fear in the air. The smart consumer would be wise to use such a phobia to his or her advantage in this, the dawn of the consumerist age.

There is also the matter of online banking becoming even more rampant as financial technologies continue to advance. Surely, the business of plastics doesn’t intend to be left out in the dust? Evolution is a scary matter.

Finally, the millennial inclination to aim for zero indebtedness along with the generation’s tendency to prefer renting over owning property is another factor altogether. The big three will do well on their part not only to monitor all trends but to adjust like a nimble giant.