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The Details

Birthday Canvas (Organizing)
Members of "We the 'Obama' People" and all other interested individuals are encouraged to participate in a canvas in our sister city, Clinton, Iowa, this Saturday to help celebrate Barack Obama's birthday. We will meet at 15919 Lakeside Drive, Sterling, IL. at 9:00 am, and then travel to Democratic headquarters in Clinton. If it is more convenient, you can go directly to Clinton and we will meet you there at 10:00 am. All materials needed for the canvas of Democrats, who will be encouraged to attend the Iowa Caucus in order to support Barack Obama, will be provided. Several members participated in a canvas in June and found it to be an interesting and enjoyable activity. Hope to see you, and anyone else you could bring, on Saturday.
Host: Ed Heckert
Contact Phone: 815-626-4975
Clinton, Iowa Canvas (Sterling, IL)
15919 Lakeside Drive
Sterling, IL 61081

Other Signups

1 person has signed up to attend this event