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The Details

Rendezvous for Obama! (March 31 Kickoff Event)
An informal gathering of Tucsonans who support Barak Obama or are leaning his direction and want a little nudge.

Snacks and Nibbles and beverages will be served as we listen to a special DVD provided directly from Barak's heaquarters and await a live, simultaneous feed-in from Iowa where he will be speaking at another small meeting like ours.
Host: Julie Ferdon
Julie's & Don's (Tucson, AZ)
1289 E. Paseo Alegre
Tucson, AZ 85719
Directions: From the corner of Mountain and Limberlost, go West a short distance and turn South into Pueblo de las Catalinas. Go straight, 1/2 way up block on west side.
Hope. Action. Change. On March 31, people across America open their homes to friends, family, and neighbors to kick off a week of support for a movement Barack Obama and the movement to change America.

Other Signups

25 people have signed up to attend this event
The event is at maximum attendee capacity.