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The Details

Hope Action Change (March 31 Kickoff Event)
Please join me for the March 31st Kickoff Event for a potluck while watching Barrack Live We'll share our hopes & enthusiasm for Barack Obama, discuss how to support his campaign, and watch/hear the live feed from Iowa kicking off.on the internet speak about his plans for the future of America.
Host: shawna Watson
Contact Phone: 808 8648100
Shawna Watson (Honolulu, HI)
Honolulu, HI 96821
Directions: Waialae Iki/ between Diamond Head and Aina Haina
Please email me for the address @ Shawnafile@aol.com
Hope. Action. Change. On March 31, people across America open their homes to friends, family, and neighbors to kick off a week of support for a movement Barack Obama and the movement to change America.

Other Signups

12 people have signed up to attend this event
The capacity limit is 20 attendees.