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Renew America Together / Call to Service Community Day (Day of Service – January 19)
This is your opportunity to come out and interact with those living in the community as well as to volunteer to feed the homeless and disadvantaged in our community as we host a day geared to helping others less fortunate than ourselves. Meal will be provided on site to our community guests and our volunteers

President Elect Barack Obama’s

Renew America Together

Call to Service Community Service Day

“Giving Back to Get Back”

Thank you for your answer to our President Elect Barack Obama’s Call to Service; as we strive to rebuild our nation back to it’s former glory and reputation for diligent service to others. The particular event you have volunteered for is being hosted by Apostle Shirley Hollowa y founder of House of Help/City of Hope a 501c3 non-profit faith based treatment facility that provides hope, help, food , shelter and treatment to those in need. The organization includes different satellites in various locations in and around the metropolitan Washington DC metroplex and tri-city areas; including community centers geared to reach youth in crime related areas.

Each location will have a similar basic agenda , with some variations depending on focus group ie.:

1. The community centers will focus on children and youth. There will be some outside activity (weather permitting) and there will be ongoing inside activity (Day of Event contact : Camp Springs/Bernard Vaughan 301 316 1890 Douglass Rd/Nettie Palmer or Nate Gramlin 202 248 9881)

2. The House of Help/City of Hope Graceview campus will concentrate on going out into the community to feed the homeless sponsoring a Soup Kitchen; Please dress warmly. We will also be donating Gloves , Hats, and various articles of outerware to these people (donations of these items are welcome, please don;t give anything in a condition you would not want to receive yourself) We will also have some indoor activities. (Day of Event contact:Antoinette Saunders or James Woods 202 249 8511)

3.Kingdom City location will concentrate solely on Clean-up /Spruce-up/ Maintainance and Repair. Please feel free to bring your tools and your talents. (Day of Event contact: Marcus Logan 202 297 7565)

All locations will serve food to our guests and volunteers as well as offer tours of the facility, there is round-trip transportation to Kingdom City from our Graceview campus on 16th St at 12:30pm and 2:00pm for those who want to lend their service at that location. General information number 202 889 2942

1-2pm: Meet and Greet

2-3pm Games + Activities

3-4pm Arts +Crafts

4-5pm Rap Session + Storytelling

5-6pm Wrap-up/clean-up head over to Graceview Campus( 2322 16thSt SE Washington DC 20020) for Party

6-8pm Martin Luther King Birthday/Barack Obama Inauguration Celebration All Volunteers and Guests from each location welcome to Graceview Campus (2322 16th St SE Washington DC 20020) for Party.

There is something for everybody to be able to participate in from the youngest child to the oldest senior citizen, from the most active to the completely sedentary. If all you can do is sit, come sit and read stories to the youngsters. Come out and make a difference in your family, your neighborhood, your community, your city, your state, your region, your country, your world, your universe.

We trust that this day will have a lasting favourable impression on you and will be the beginning of a long-term /life long relationship in your endeavor to help those less fortunate than yourselves.

To learn more about us please go to

For those of you who need metro access go to their website http:// to access trip planning etc. from their home page.

Time: Monday, January 19 from 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Host: shirley holloway
Contact Phone: 202 889 2942
House of Help City of Hope (Washington, DC)

2322 16th st SE
Washington, DC 20020

Directions: I-295 N towards Washington DC take exit 3A towards Suitland Pkwy/US Naval Station. stay straight to go onto Sumner Rd SE, turn Left onto Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Turn Right onto W St SE, Turn Right onto 16th St SE end at 2322 16th St SE Washington DC 20020

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