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Big Sunday Collects New Socks & Underwear for the Homeless (Day of Service – January 19)
Big Sunday, the largest citywide community service event in America, is excited to be joining the National Day of Service. At Big Sunday, we work with many groups which ALWAYS need new socks and underwear for their clients. (And we only give NEW socks and underwear; otherwise, it’s gross.) So, we’ll be collecting new socks and underwear for The Giving Spirit, a great nonprofit that helps thousands of homeless people in Los Angeles. Please stop by our office with your donation of any size. (Don’t have time to shop? Come by anyway and we’ll sell you socks and underwear to donate.)

And while you’re there, we’ll be thrilled to tell you how you can get involved on Big Sunday 2009, May 2 and 3!

Time: Monday, January 19 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Host: Randye Hoder
Contact Phone: 323-549-9944
Big Sunday Office (Los Angeles, CA)

7319 Beverly Blvd
Suite 7
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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