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Virtually Enable Today's Workforce with StreetWise Partners (Day of Service – January 19)
Volunteer professionals will review resumes to provide feedback to members of low-income communities looking to improve their job-seeking prospects. Volunteers will “virtually” make it happen via email over the weekend leading up to Martin Luther King Day. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s virtual, and it’s high impact!

To volunteer:
1. Sign up to review resumes by emailing your interest to by Friday January 16.
2. If you are selected, confirmation, further instructions, and one to two resumes with their feedback form will be emailed to you by Saturday January 17.
3. You will email your resume feedback form by the end of Martin Luther King, Jr. day (Monday January 19) to StreetWise Partners.

StreetWise Partners will then email your resume feedback to the participants.

To learn more about StreetWise Partners, visit

Time: Monday, January 19 11:00 PM
Host: Allison Devore
Virtual – Via Email (Washington, DC)

Washington, DC 20001

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